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Ping Pong the Animation Episode 1 - Mastering the Basics

Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. This show focuses on a known story, a story of friendship, and one that is very fitting for a sports show.

As always, the notes were taken while actually watching the episode, and rather than just repeating what you've already watched, elaborate upon it, assuming you've already watched the episode.

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Thunder_God1467d ago

Yuasa shows us what he's got. It's nothing new in terms of story, but "new stories" are hard to come by, and their shows can still be crap.

It's not about innovation, but about execution, and this show has panache. It's as if someone took Pulp Fiction, Kill la Kill, Kill Bill, and mixed them all together. How can you argue with that?