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Oreshura Review | Attack On Gaming

"In Highschool, one of the things going through your mind constantly is all those girls around you. Much like any highschooler, you’d notice this one particular girl that you would absolutely have to at least take a chance at dating. In Oreshura, this girl is Masuzu, a white-haired beauty, that also happens to hate the idea of love. Oreshura revolves around the story of Eita, a male highschool student that disregards love in order to further his own studies, but when Masuzu joins his class, he is brought into her loveless world by what seems to be chance. However, this series is more than a romantic comedy, it’s also a series filled with Otaku fanservice (i.e. not just panty shots), as well as a harem tendency. It’s also hilarious." - Attack On Gaming

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