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The Familiar of Zero: Season 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Despite being a long running light novel with an anime adaptation spanning four seasons, Zero no Tsukaima, better known as The Familiar of Zero, has largely been passed over in the West. Outside of manga localizations, the only attempt at bringing the series to North America previously was met with failure and eventual license expiration. Now, Sentai Filmworks is bringing The Familiar of Zero’s first season back to the States and this time it is on Blu-ray but is it worth picking up at all?"

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koga881494d ago

I never have heard the English dub of The Familiar of Zero before, but after listening to it I never want to even try it again. I can understand why it did so poorly when FUNimation tried to put out that dub when they first released it. Glad to see that the visual upgrade and the Japanese audio still makes it worthwhile.

Subby1494d ago

This is one Kugyuu show I never really got around to watching.

ExCest1493d ago

I liked the show. It was nothing fantastic (probably because I never like Louise) but enjoyable enough to watch. My only gripe about the show was how it ended season 4. It was ridiculous and completely impossible (yes, it's fiction but good fiction needs to be believable in the moment. It was even impossible in the universe of the show).