Attack On Titan Fans Upset Over Intro Cut

Junkie Monkeys: Let’s stop and point out this simple fact that most anime fans can agree on, one minor change can cause an uproar in this field. That is exactly what happened during the premier of Attack on Titan on Toonami.

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wannabe gamer1022d ago

Ive never seen this show. just watched the first episode.....and wow who cares about an intro when the show is this good. so much much

blackblades1022d ago

Yeah same here, and yeah it's just an intro. You can watch it on youtube if you want to see it so bad like really people complain about everything.

SaffronCurse1022d ago

Intro's are important to any show, you can't just cut them out.

TheFallenAngel1022d ago

They're complaining for the intro? Really? Wow it's just the intro

1022d ago
Raf1k11022d ago

I agree it's not a big deal but the intro is pretty good so I can understand why they'd be fussed about it. I myself like watching the intro on certain anime depending on how good it is but usually skip past it.

PSVita1021d ago

I think they cut it because the original intro shows too much

Naruto_Uzumaki1022d ago

it was a glitch for some unknown reason they said it would be full next week why do people have to make everything a problem....

koga881022d ago

I have a feeling that it wasn't a glitch but they are now saying it was simply because of the backlash. Adult Swim almost always chops off the opening theme of an anime or butchers the ending to save time so it was probably planned this way and they are now going to have to change that or deal with a ton of people complaining.

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Slade231022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

wow with all their hard work putting this on the programming block and people complain about one little thing...Really?

I didn't really care about the intro when I watch it on Toonami, heck I remember watching this on hearing the intro and loved it. After a few episodes, I just wanted to skip over, so I could watch the episode. Toonami crew doing a great job, and people complain about this. UGH <_<