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Princess Nine Series Review | The Game Scouts

Tin Salamunic: There are a few sports that just don’t make any sense to me: Nascar, Football and Baseball. I could also throw in Equestrian Dressage and Curling, but at least their popularity is only highlighted during Olympic games. Baseball in particular always boggled my mind - at least from a spectator point of view. I’d rather watch old people play Bingo than have to suffer through an entire Baseball match. But what if the sport was given a Stephen Chow treatment? What if there were super-moves and hilarious characters involved? Princess Nine makes Baseball the most enjoyable display of athletic prowess imaginable. Instead of old men with beer bellies chewing tobacco and standing around while twitching their faces at each other, we have absurd Anime characters that can throw balls faster than bullets. Princess Nine is unintentionally satirical. It has plenty of laughs that are meant to be there, but because it takes itself so seriously it ends up being exceedingly whimsical. That’s what makes it so great. Viewers passionate about Baseball are going to appreciate all the sport-specific details (although it’s still more about the characters than the sport) while others, like myself, can relish in the series’ silliness and charisma. One thing is for sure; Princess Nine has a lot of heart. Its nostalgic allure is unquestionably delightful and anyone who’s grown up with shows like Captain Tsubasa and Attack No. 1 should give Princess Nine a look…as long as you can stomach the heavy melodrama during later episodes.

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