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Anime to Look Out For This Season (2014 Spring)

Well it's finally time for me to write the list of anime to check out this season. This post was much later than I wanted it to be but due to heavy amounts of work, the real world has been slamming down hard on my anime viewing and blogging. I've gone over this a couple times before so I won't bore you with the details but I will say that this post will now regularly be posted one month (or at least two weeks) into the season. Rather than waste my time attempting to predict which series will be good and which won't before the start of the season, I am now writing this list based off impressions from the first 2-4 episodes. First up is probably my all time favorite of the season.

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deep_fried_bum_cake1445d ago

No Knights of Sidonia? It's had a pretty great start. I think I might start on No Game No Life because that's a few good things I've heard about that now.

tazmeah1445d ago

When viewing your post from my smart phone, text is jumbled together and pictures are on top of text.

KingArthur13th1444d ago

Yeah, there's something wrong with blogspot's way of handling smart phones. I've been trying to find the mobile CSS so I could tweak it but no luck.