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Why I’m Not Watching Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Mr. Flawfinder talks about why he isn't joining in on the Mahouka bandwagon like everyone else is.

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Flawfinder1490d ago

A few people have been bugging me regarding why I'm not jumping in to bash the next popular thing. So I wrote something about my reasons and had Ahnuld help me out.

ScubbaSteve1489d ago

This is one of those shows that will never receive any sort of legitimate praise outside of the anime fandom. Anime fans are excessively forgiving of shows that pander to the otaku, because they embrace a lot of stereotypes that reoccur in anime.

I'm not an obsessive fan and i sit here watching shows like this and every time that girl who wants to sleep with her brother shows up I can't help but think "This is retarded". It's like the people who make these shows have a checklist of anime tropes to put in and don't want to miss any. But I got the same list and it's just retitled "Shit that annoys me"

andrewer1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I watch everything, even if it's bad. And MKNR is neither good nor bad, but at least there's some action sometimes (although I'd like to see more) that keep me entertained ;)
"It has an agenda, but it’s too scared to actually apply it to anything meaningful" Well said, I'm hoping to see a good plot somewhere in the 19 episodes left...