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Can The Naruto Series Be Competitive And Fun?

As of recent the president of CyberConnect 2, Hiroshi Matsuyama has been trying to push their latest Naruto video game into the largest world-known yearly tournament event, EVO. With that goal in mind, Matsuyama has been going around asking veteran developers such as Capcom and SNK for sound advice on how to redefine the game to meet the criteria to pass as a competitive fighter, but at the same time not abandoning its roots that has pushed the Ultimate Ninja Storm series into what it is today. Today we’re going to give our thoughts on his goal including the 2DNinjas movement as well as Hiroshi’s other projects.

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TheGameTagerZ1433d ago

2D series needs to make a comeback before that can happen.

foie1433d ago

I much preferred the Clash of Ninja series to any iteration of a Naruto video game adaptation.

TheGameTagerZ1433d ago

Clash of Ninja were my favorites until it hit shippuden. I wasn't too crazy for the shippuden series.