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Dragon Ball Z Kai is Coming to Toonami

Junkie Monkeys: The big news coming fresh out of MomoCon is the announcement of Dragon Ball Z Kai airing on Toonami!

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1068d ago

Where it belong on TOONAMI!

Treezy5041068d ago

I knew that Revenge of Cooler promo was hinting at something last week!

noxeven1068d ago

Probably replaced bleach

Tony-Red-Grave1068d ago

Is bleach already done with the english dub fullbring arc?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1068d ago

THe Fullbring arc will end on October 18th. So this could replace Bleach.

Tony-Red-Grave1068d ago

Ah i see. It's a shame that they won't be animating the Blood War Arc anytime soon. So far it's shaping up to be quite alot of fun. Aside from that seeing some of the quincy get animated, like the ear, is something i'd love to see.

DivineHand1251068d ago

Dragon Ball Z kai has already aired in its entirety on other networks and If Hunter X Hunter 2011 hasn't aired yet on toonami, imo it would be a better show.

Deadpool6161068d ago

Dragon Ball Z Kai was recently extended to the Buu Saga.

koga881068d ago

While Hunter x Hunter would be a show people would probably appreciate more, it is largely an untested series in the West as far as the anime is concerned. The original anime was licensed by Viz a long time ago and I don't think it is even in print and at the moment no one has the license for the new version of the show, so it they are hedging their bets by going with something that they know will be at least familiar with audiences and something I'm sure people have been asking for for awhile.

blackblades1068d ago

Ehh I'll pass just like the movie, I hate the japanese ost, the american ost what made it awesome for both series and movies.

Chard1068d ago

This had damn well better feature the Ocean dub of the show, which has been rumoured since September 2010!

Deadpool6161068d ago

I like the Ocean dub and I would like to hear their take on Kai, but I doubt it's their version.

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