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Aquarion Evol Part 2 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"There are a number of two-cour anime series that start out a bit slow in the beginning in an effort to introduce viewers to the world and the characters only to fall apart in the second half. Aquarion Evol’s first half helped establish the battle between Vega and Altair as well as introduce us to the conniving Mykage who seems to be pulling the strings behind everything. Now with the first half down and plenty of innuendo to go, does Aquarion Evol Part 2 manage to bring this story to a successful conclusion?"

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F-Inglese-941482d ago

I really like this series. Great review!

DivineHand1251481d ago

Fair score for a mediocre anime. The mechs had a horrible design, the dialogue and name of finishing moves were cheesy. Thank God no one walked into the room when I was watching. The worst problem of them all ways that it had a really bad story. Started out interesting but as soon as you learn what is going on it became difficult to watch. There are many good anime series out there and I hope not many people forced themselves through this like I did.