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Attack on Titan Review | Tech Verocity

Tech Verocity's review on the hit anime series, Attack on Titan!

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KingKelloggTheWH1476d ago

Man I enjoy the anime and all but it is No 10/10.
It has tons of direction problems and just problems in general, not to mention it is a poor adaptation that changes events and leaves out lots of events.
I'd give it a 7/10.

tazmeah1476d ago

I liked your review. I've been trying to get friends to watch this one for a while. I shared your post hoping you'd be more persuasive.

At the point where you tell people that they can skip your bio by scrolling down, you can use a link and tell people to "click here."

DivineHand1251474d ago

Great review and an appropriate score for this masterpiece. Most anime reviewers just right a summary of the anime with spoilers and all, exaggerate problems, put a score at the end and call it a review.

If there are people out there who read the manga and hate it because it didn't follow it to the T or because it received more attention than thier favorite show, then I feel sorry for you because this anime is of a higher caliber than 95% of the anime out there.

MasterD9191473d ago

I find myself disinterested in the story in general...but only up until the last episode since it pretty much changed everything.

I really love the titan attacks though. They are creepy beyond comparison.