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The Top 20 Most Eagerly Anticipated Anime of Summer 2014, as Chosen by Fans

Popular anime informational website Charapedia asked 10,000 fans to pick their most anticipated anime show of summer 2014, and we’ve got the results.

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pompombrum1477d ago

I thought Psycho Pass season 2 was coming in the Autumn and not a Summer one? Being honest, I'd be glad if it was Summer as it's my most anticipated anime this year.

Embolado1477d ago

Tokyo Ghoul looks promising. No surprise that Sword Art Online is holding firm at the #1 spot.

Barakamon looks to be the feel good show out of the bunch.

s45gr321477d ago

Sword Art Online 2 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!! can't wait to see it on crunchyroll.

JD_Shadow1476d ago

Obviously the most hyped one out of those is Sailor Moon Crystal, and I'm very happy to see that a lot of people are coming out to liking the original show. People you would NEVER expect to say that they like the show. The uncensored subs make it something more than a guilty pleasure.

I do enjoy that they made the faces and the style something like the early 1997 DC Animated Universe. Hoping they switch up the story, too. Want to see what changes they make.