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Dragon Ball Z PS4 Project – New Scan shows off a little bit of Kid Buu

The scan is very similar to the last scan, however this time we can see a glimpse of the Kid Buu and SS3 Goku Battle!

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HystericalGamez1449d ago

Can't wait for the Buu screenshot to be added to the site! It looks awesome!

TheGameTagerZ1449d ago

Wow already showing Majin Buu?

Hope this doesn't disappoint

Shadonic1449d ago

Hope it doesn't disappointing as well but i dont understand the concerns with them showing majin buu, its not like we haven't seen about 100 different character models of him already and its some trade secret of DBZ games to show off one of the many villains you know your going to fight... again.

TheGameTagerZ1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I guess I'm surprised since this is next gen and they are starting from scratch. Or at least I'm assuming they are.

zep1448d ago

1st dbz game on ps4 usually their practice is only include up to cell saga on 1st game

GenericNameHere1448d ago

I really hope this is good. Last DBZ game I bought, let alone at full price, was Burst Limit.