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Irregular at Magic High School Ep 9: We're Just Setting the Tone

Wow, this might be the shortest "episode summary" I ever wrote which is surprising since a lot more happened in this one episode than most of the last eight. Setup episodes are becoming more and more of thing where the entire episode isn't really progress towards the conclusion but is an episode devoted entirely to setting up future conflicts, possible side stories, more friends (fan-girls in Tatsuya's case) and more enemies/frenemies. This episode set up a number of future events to come including the impending internal clash with the Yotsuba family, Mikihito interest (and possible romance) with Mizuki, Tatsuya's growing harem and the next terrorist group to target First Magic High School.

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Thunder_God1479d ago

A lot happened, yet it felt as if nothing did. I think too much happened, so none of it was given enough weight, perhaps?