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Strange Pokédex Entries (Part 2)

Pokémon is generally marketed to a younger demographic. Even so, throughout playing the video games, you tend to come across a large selection of the scary, weird, and downright messed up Pokédex entries. - This is part two of the Fanboys Anonymous list.

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Shaughnessy1409d ago

Wow these are very interesting

LocumSelf1409d ago

Lol what's with the Indian elephants?

michellequillen1409d ago

Drowzee sounds a lot like me. Not because I'm a pedophile, but because everything I eat is a dream, and I have a really good memory. Like an elephant. Elephants perfom in circuses. Circuses entertain children. omg I'm a hungry pedophile

hipstermafia1409d ago

Gastly always creeped me out. Take a shape already!

TheDaceMan141405d ago

I'm going to challenge an Indian Elephant one day... this way I know where I stand against certain Pokemon.

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