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My Personal “Top” 5 Worst Anime

"It takes just a bit more than a 13-year-old hormone pumped tween who’s new to anime and who’s favourite shows include Mirai Nikki, Elfen Lied and other wish fullfilling weird 2EDGY4ME crap to admit that anime, as a whole, is pretty much a hot mess of clichés, otaku pandering and the occasional show that dares to break out of the mold.

Naturally, not all clichés are bad and not all pandering digs another hole in the grave of anime, but boy, are there some shows that deserve to be put in Fiction’s Hall Of Shame.

Today, I’ll talk about 5 shows in which my enjoyement was 0, headache was 10 and self-pity over 9000. Cheers."

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pompombrum1741d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying it was all that bad but Mirai Nikki is possibly the biggest let down for me. After the first episode I was thinking it was going to be Battle Royale meets Death Note. It had so much potential, a cool intuitive element with the diaries, a potential anybody could be a diary owner psychological aspect but instead the direction was just horrible and everyone just sort of bumped into each other inadvertently. Wouldn't put it in my worst animes but definitely the most disappointing after watching the first episode.

paradigmfellow1741d ago

Mirai Nikki is my number one favorite. I disagree with you.

pompombrum1741d ago

I can't see how anyone could like it that much, they took an awesome premise and watered it down to the point where the only memorable things were psycho girlfriend and her relationship with the main protagonist.

paradigmfellow1741d ago

That is not what I saw. Every character had their own story and highlight. I did not think Yuno was a distraction or too much of a focal point of the anime.

pompombrum1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

That's true, all the characters did have their own story but for me it was totally ruined by the way they had them meet each other. They never tapped into the potential it could have been with the mystery element of who the diary users were and that's what ruined it for me. Not to mention they had the diary element which was criminally under utilized considering the direction they could have taken it.

RockmanII71741d ago

Yo, you should watch Fate/Zero.

EL Lanf1741d ago

I think despite its numerous flaws, Mirai Nikki was still fairly good. Maybe watching it as a group made it more entertaining that it would have otherwise been but it had plenty of cool twists, nice tension and interesting concept. That said, the studio who did it, Asread, are pretty bad. I think someone like BONES would have been the right choice but they can be pretty inconsistent.

Maria Holic is pretty mediocre until the priest dude shows up at the end. Season 2 is absolutely glorious though, a very big change in humour.

I didn't even bother trying Mahou Sensou despite that I regularly pick up 20-30 shows a season. I mean, if the title alone (trans. Magic Wars) didn't reveal it for being an uninspired mess, its promo pic did. Madhouse are a great studio but they've made plenty of crap since they just make so many shows.

MEsoJD1741d ago

pfft… no Infinite Stratos?

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