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My Obsession With Japanese B2 Game Posters

Some people collect cards, others may collect dvd’s or figurines, but my recent hobby (and at this point probably a sickness) is collecting Japanese B2 size video game posters.

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HystericalGamez1439d ago

This is ridiculous. Seek help.

Embolado1438d ago

I have always looked for some anime art that would look good on my walls but have yet to find any that are to my taste, anyone have any suggestions?

On topic, what would you do with that many? Hanging them up for display would look like some Japanese game resell shop. Nice collection by the way.

TheGameTagerZ1438d ago

I think B2 posters are great for walls but these are something that I recommend that you frame cause they're not flimsy they're really high quality stuff.

Not sure what I want to do with a lot of them but maybe store them somewhere. I do want to hang a lot of my favorites up though.

You can find a couple great B2 Posters on ebay. Just don't spend more than $50 for one. Usually they can range from $20-$70 on ebay.