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Cosplayer of the Month | June 2014 Ashika Cosplay

This month we have a newbie at Coslaying but he is taking it by storm and most of his costumes looks amazing plus he is one of very few people that Crossplay

Background: Tell us a bit more of yourself? How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why you Love it??

The main things are that I’m fun, gender fluid and not scared to be different. This, with the help of one of my friends, has led to the creation of Ashika Cosplay. I do a different style of cosplay called crossplaying. It entails that I cosplay characters of the other gender. This all started when a Friend asked me to be the model for a crossplay makeup tutorial that she did.

I have pretty much always loved dressing up, though my first character was back when I was little. My first official cosplay was done this year February, for the cosplay picnic in Cape Town. So officially I have only been cosplaying for about 5 months now.

The reason for my love of cosplay is that you can be creative and be a different person. The struggles of finding out how to create a womanly figure can also be quite entertaining at time. :P

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