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“Freedom Wars” Japanese Launch Video Released

Frank Inglese Writes:

Imagine being born and within seconds of your new life you’re thrown into prison. That’s pretty damn terrible right? I mean, what did you do in there? You couldn’t have killed a guy, that straight up doesn’t make sense! *cough cough* Regardless of what it was that landed you in such ‘hot water’, you’re now a prisoner of the new world. Congratulations! From now until the day you die, you will be forced to battle gigantic, part-mechanical, demon monsters who’s only intentions are to wipe out what is left of the human race…at least you still get three square meals a day. Eating only bread and water is a good way to stay in shape, I hear.

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KBug931457d ago

Looks awesome. I wonder if any of those babies they arrested actually were evil...

F-Inglese-941457d ago

At least a few of them...right?