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Hunter X Hunter Episode #136 Anime Review | Fandom Post

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While it’s a minority opinion to be sure, and I’m fine with that, I found the last episode to be pretty anticlimactic. Yes, it avoided all the usual tropes for a shonen series in that it ended with a whimper rather than a bang. But it also basically cut out most of the cast that the show has revolved around for so long and didn’t provide certain closure that I was looking for that while I grasped and understand the emotional context and importance of it all, it fell far short of what I wanted to get out of the arc as an ending. It definitely works, but it didn’t work much for me. There is some interesting fallout from the events as we see how the peacekeepers came in, essentially eliminated the non-functioning governments and nations there and then rework it into something else that should be better since most people seemingly agreed to it all, especially since the Hunters Association is working as a kind of watchdog over it all now.

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