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This Dragon Ball Z Comic is Kind of Heartwarming

Junkie Monkeys: When we see something great in Dragon Ball Z we just have to show it off. I recently stumbled across a slightly weird, yet heartwarming Dragon Ball Z comic that I think many of you will enjoy.

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FamilyGuy1417d ago

I completely forgot that Raditz was Gokus brother.

ZetsubouJ1417d ago

Since Raditz was killed by Piccolo and Piccolo is part of the "demon clan", Raditz would have gone to purgatory, not heaven or hell.

Treezy5041417d ago

Didn't King Yemma confirm sending him to Hell after using his patented Yemma lock on him lol.

ZetsubouJ1417d ago

Yeah, Yemma does say that, it's plothole, and not one that many people ever catch.

Treezy5041417d ago

You're not referring to Turles are you?

RyuX191417d ago

Goku and Turles are not related. Turles only exists in a non canon movie.

Treezy5041417d ago

Yeah I know, that's why I was asking if he was referring to him. A lot of people confuse them for brothers.