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Cosplayer of the Month | July 2014 Ketsuzoku Cosplay

Welcome to our July Cosplayer of the month, this month we have Kayla “Ketsuzoku” du Toit. Thank you for taking part in our CotM this chilly winter.

Background: Tell us a bit more of yourself? How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why you Love it?

I’ve always loved fantasy and anime, so getting into cosplay was like a natural progression. I’ve been cosplaying for three years now and I love being able to literally be anyone I want to be. I also really enjoy the sewing and crafting aspect of cosplay. I’ve met so many great people and learned so many (not necessarily) great lessons.

What was the first Costume you wore for Cosplay and did you make it yourself?

My first cosplay was JBF Luka. I didn’t make it myself and it was extremely inaccurate… I don’t think I was even wearing any makeup…. Needless to say that cosplay isn’t discussed much and all photos are hidden in the untraceable depths of the Internet.

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