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Terror in Resonance Episode #02 Anime Review | Fandom Post

On the bright side, this is probably the least perverse way in which anyone has ever been likened to Oedipus.
What They Say:
While the police work hard to analyze Sphinx’s first attack, Sphinx uploads a new video. Will they solve the new riddle in time?

The Review:
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Remember what I said about this show potentially hitting a little too close to home for American audiences given the likely similarities to 9/11? Well this second episode hardly goes a few minutes before explaining how the first bombing of the series was orchestrated to make a building collapse in a way that shouldn’t be possible, essentially borrowing the 9/11 evidence verbatim. While there are very direct mentions of real-life terrorism such as the acts of the Unabomber, not a word has been said about 9/11, as if to tell this story as an alternate version of that event, and since it’s anime, that means it’s in Japan and probably masterminded by high school kids.

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