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Nippon Ichi Software’s Greeting Card Possibly Features First Image Of “Disgaea 5″

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Twitter is wonderful! You must understand this! It isn’t just ‘another social media site’ at all. It is something that constantly surprises and delights. With the click of a link you could be sent on an adventure like no other. Personal information is at your fingertips and, so long as there are still good-hearted world citizens using it, I will continue to recommend Twitter to everyone I meet!

The fantastic Twitter user GILGAMESH501XX yesterday ‘Tweeted’ out a picture of a NIS (Nippon Ichi Software) greeting card, sent out to some lucky people as a nice, warm, Summer salutation. Gilgamesh, as I will call him, noticed something interesting about the image featured on this greeting card; the characters shown aren’t that familiar but the way they look, now…that’s a different story.

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