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Casshan Complete Collection Anime DVD Review | Fandom Post

What They Say:
From the Legendary Creator of Speed Racer and Gatchaman… Meet the REAL Man of Steel: Casshan!

When lightning strikes the prototype android BK-1, a new horror is unleashed on the world as the resulting monster Braking Boss begins taking over all other robots on Earth. Setting them against their creators in a massive orgy of planet-wide destruction! With humanity helpless in the face of Andro Force’s mechanical army, mankind’s only hope may be in the hands of Tetsuya Azuma, son of the creator of BK-1, who transfers his consciousness into an android body to become a newly-built man, the ultimate robot fighter: Casshan! Now together with his robot dog Flender and the beautiful Luna Kozuki, the daughter of another scientist and wielder of the most robot-lethal gun on the planet, Casshan is on a mission to clear his father’s name and save the Earth from the iron clutches of Braiking Boss! But things aren’t going to be easy, not when you’re three against thousands and Braiking Boss has some shocking surprises in store that will rip Casshan’s world in two! It’s the ultimate blast from the past as the battle for the future pits good bots against the bad in CASSHAN!

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