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Get Real! The Drawing Skills: Anatomy Panel At SMASH! 2014 [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

As a huge Anime and Manga fan (obviously), there’s something I feel like I can say without hesitation: Reality is not something fans of these particular mediums entirely enjoy, that’s why we escape into worlds filled with wonder and magic, worlds that make us believe we’re all heroes in our own lives or at least if we’re not now we will be eventually! That’s the majesty of Anime and Manga; it’s stepping into a world where reality is thrown out the window, tossed to the curb and left to wilt in the rain, where imagination runs wild and anything is possible!

Though, even in saying that, there are some instances where we’re forced to come back down to Earth and even in the world of Anime and Manga, the characters need to look realistic enough for us to believe, even just slightly, that these amazing scenarios could be possible throughout time and space. This is where the style of realistic drawing comes into play and Hilary Sandeman, the host o...

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KBug931383d ago

This was a great little panel, informative and interesting.

F-Inglese-941383d ago

I'm very happy I chose to sit in on this one :)