Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Coming Back to Theaters Due to Popular Demand

Junkie Monkeys: It appears that the great and almighty Shenron has granted many Dragon Ball Z fans’ wish. FUNimation recently announced that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will receive one final wide release due to popular demand.

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YellowTempes957d ago

Is it seriously THAT good?

maximus1985957d ago

NO NO NO be all means watch it for your self but this movie WILL crap on your childhood

WitWolfy957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

I didnt like the movie AT ALL!!! Its just plain filler for the first 30 minutes, Bills is laughable as a villain (if you can even call him a "villain") and the fight between Bills and Goku is over before it even begins.

That darn cat is just too over powered!!! Its like Goku SSJ 3 facing Raditz. No contest!

Never felt so cheated watching a DBZ movie, avoid at all costs!

Plus the ending was very cheap copout as well. Oh and get this part, DB GT is lore now.... yay.... Kinda disappointing huh?

SaffronCurse956d ago

Look at it this way, if this proves to be a success they'll be able to carry more anime films to the west in theaters. How cool would that be??

maximus1985957d ago

how?! this movie was literally everyone is useless unless your goku. i dont get it! dragonball z isnt what it used to be

gangsta_red957d ago

To be fair, it did establish Vageta somewhat.

They finally gave Vageta his justice and he is now on par with Goku.

maximus1985957d ago

im sorry i must have missed that, is that the same vegeta that was ballerina dancing and doing kareoke while being terrified.

gangsta_red956d ago

It sure was, and then he actually landed hits on Bill when he was pissed off.

Not mention it was stated three times in the movie that Vageta had exceeded Goku.

Sitdown957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

You actually were able to order the tickets at least since Saturday. So hard to say back to theaters when it really had not left.

Well it does appear different theaters were added.

ShinFuYux957d ago - the movie made 50 million dollars already.

OMGitzThatGuy957d ago

Considering it came out in Japan more than a year ago and US sales only account for 4%...YaDontSay

Cronoa7x957d ago

@ maximus seems you didnt even watch it

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