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"Terra Formars" Trailer Introduces OVA Story

The original video animation adaptation of You Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s “Terra Formars” just got its first promotional video. The first volume is set to be shipped with the 10th volume of the ongoing manga series on August 20th and the second one is set to ship with the following 11th volume in the month of November.

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Hergula1403d ago

FYI: "Word to webmasters and staff members: You should always submit using the original source URL where you found the news. You can input your article you wrote on your website in the "Credit URL" box. "

I have actually read the rules and terms of use, the rest of you should do the same, as my posts are getting reported unfairly and held back from the public for no real reason.

Marow1402d ago

As far as the rule is concerned, it's difficult not to see this as shameless promotion on your part. After all, Hergula, you're linking to your site ( claiming you somehow found the news there before the article on Anime News Network.

This is, of course, nothing but a lie as the ANN article is from 2014-07-27 while yours is from "14 August, 2014". I highly doubt you somehow managed to receive the news without using another site beforehand (two weeks later), meaning you're wrongly crediting your site.

Am I wrong? :)

Hergula1402d ago

Yes you are completely wrong.

Rules are rules and I follow them 100%, always have, even contacted admins and creators of Newsboiler to make sure that this is okay.

This is nothing new, I have been doing this for 2+ years, so have dozens of other websites, it is not wrong to do so. Ethical matter or not, facts are facts.

Don't try to twist facts... rules are rules... like I said, I follow them, you should too.

Marow1402d ago

In other words, the correct way of doing this - if we look closely upon the rules as you spurred me to - would be to:

1. Use this in the story article:

(referring to the following rule:
"If your story links to a website that is not in English, you should link to a translated version of the story using Google Translate.")

2. Use this as a credit source:

(referring to the following rule:

"When posting a story, always link to the original source of the story. Many websites recycle news from other websites, so whenever possible try and track down the true source of the story and use that site’s story as the basis for your news post. You can still give credit to the website you first found the story on by putting their address in the "Credit URL" form.")

The above should, no matter what, override your case either way.

Hergula1402d ago

God's sake, I'm tired of arguing with a person that does not understand that I am simply following the rules. What you post goes in-line of what I posted above, it is a direct quote to who? To "Word to webmasters and staff members".

Moral and ethical values do not matter in this case when I am obviously following the rules and you are not. You want to put me in the wrong, a person who is one of the most active members of FilmWatch and AnimeShinbun, just because you cannot take it as a grownup that you are wrong.

End of discussion, nothing to say more... feel free to give your opinion to someone that cares.

Facts are facts, remember that.