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Fantasista Doll Complete Collection Blu-ray Anime Review | Fandom Post

An original animation about a girl involved in a card collecting game that has something of a twist. Not as terrible as one might at first expect it would turn out to be, though not a classic either.

What They Say:
No one ever knows what life has waiting in the cards for them, but for Uzume Uno, the surprises aren’t just in the cards but also in what comes out of them! Through a strange quirk of fate, this typical junior high school student finds herself in possession of a mysterious deck of cards from which five magical girls known as the Fantasista Dolls materialize! By playing the cards in different combinations, Uzume can equip the “Sistas” with an amazing variety of costumes and weapons. That’s going to come in extremely handy, as a new danger that only the Dolls can stop is coming to threaten the Earth!

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