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Vagabond – Vizbig Edition: Volume One Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

There’s something within each and every single human being that drives us forward. We set ourselves goals we aim only to achieve despite the odds that may or may not be stacked against us. We enter into a state much like that of a boxer’s ‘tunnel vision’ where all we see is future success and no matter what, we believe that we will succeed. This is why the world continues to evolve day by day, but why exactly do we do this? In a way, being the greatest in your own field is somewhat of a selfish act. Think, just for a moment, the true reason why we do what we do. Is it for self satisfaction? Perhaps. Is it for the fame and glory? Quite possibly. Is it to be immortalized in the history of life itself? In my opinion, that’s exactly why we reach for higher ground day after day...

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F-Inglese-941344d ago

Now one of my favorite Mangas of all time. Though it does help that I'm a massive fan of Samurai

KBug931344d ago

I need to get my hands on this one

Snapodile1344d ago

Now I NEED to follow the path of a Samurai, it's the only way I'll be happy