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Naruto: Shippuden Episode #373 Anime Review | Fandom Post

The team is back together!
What They Say:
Team 7 is finally reunited when Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke join forces.

The Review:
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Naruto: Shippuden had a pretty good closing bit with the previous episode in having Sasuke arrive to essentially join in on defending the Leaf Village and making clear his intentions to become the Hokage. With all that he learned from the other Hokage during the history lesson side, it certainly makes sense for him to take this direction and find a path towards his larger goal. Announcing it after shocking everyone with his arrival definitely makes an impact and we also get the fun of seeing how Naruto views that as the right kind of challenge that he lives for. It’s what defined their relationship together for quite a long time and having Sasuke back and in that form brings it all back up. Naruto’s excitement is palpable and exactly what he needed to move forward at this point.

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