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Torture Anime Not Admissible at Suspect's Kidnap-Rape Trial

21-year-old defendant Christina Regusters' viewing of Japanese anime depicting sexual torture will not be shown as evidence at her trial in Philadelphia. Regusters' is facing trial for kidnapping a five-year-old girl from Bryant Elementary School in west Philadelphia, blindfolding her, and raping her for 18 hours.

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kingPoS1338d ago

I can't help but wonder at the lack of replies.This excuse of a women raped a 5 year kid. Wheres the rage or anger at this happening? Having a female perpetrate the crime doesn't make it any less worse!!!

coolbeans1338d ago

Maybe it just got recently approved? Don't know.


This is just a tragic thing to see (didn't hear about this report until now). Thoughts and prayers go out to that innocent child and her family going through this traumatizing occurrence.

Thunder_God1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Because this isn't really anime-related, and I don't think it should've been here to begin with.

And if it's discussed here, then through the anime-angle, but there's nothing to say, which is why it shouldn't really be discussed here.

"Rape is horrible, this woman is horrible (if she did it)." - If something is obvious, should we really have to say so? When something is obvious, nothing needs to be said.

Also, with the level of discourse on this thread, I'd rather most of these comments weren't posted.

Trunkz Jr1338d ago Show