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List of All Fairy Tail Characters with Photos

Fairy Tail is the strongest guild of mages in the Kingdom of Fiore and has the most strongest S class Mages. Mavis Vermillion was the first master and the co-founder of the guild. The first master is a sweet, kind, caring personality who always protects the guild whenever it is possible. After her death, the legacy passed to the second guild master, who was also the co-founder of the Fairy Tail Guild. The second Guild Master was Precht Gaeblog, who soon left the guild and passed the title to the third Guild Master Makarov Dreyar. Who is actually the third and sixth guild master of the fairy Tail guild as well as one of the ten wizard saints. Makarov is a short Old man who takes care of the entire guild as his own family. The forth guild master is Macao Conbalt. The fifth one is Gildarts Clive.

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