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Space Dandy Episodes 14-20 | Geekenstein

"What’s this, two Shinichiro Watanabe series in one season? Of course they’re two series of majorly different genres, and if you’ve stuck with Space Dandy until this point, you won’t be disappointed. I know a few people have tapped out to Space Dandy’s episodic, wacky formula, but it’s actually grown on me and I’ve been smiling and legitimately laughing out loud throughout this batch of episodes. Much like I did with the first batch of Space Dandy episodes, rather than ramble on about why this show may or may not be good and worth your time, I’ll just detail which episodes have been my standout favorites this cour. That being said, if you dropped Space Dandy and were hoping that the second season would be a more structured season, don’t hold your breath; it’s very much like its predecessors and looks to continue that trend to its finale. That’s fine with me, but I doubt it will be bringing back those of you who have already passed on it." - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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