Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

SWORDS! They’re so exciting! I’ve never used one before and, chances are, I’ll never use them at all. Why? Because, contrary to popular belief, I’m actually not a Samurai…though I want to be so bad. I instead rely on video game characters to do all of my sword wielding. Like most gamers I live vicariously through the characters I create on-screen. ‘Sword Art Online’, the highly popular Anime/Light Novel series, begs audiences to think about how they would go about living within a game world where death in the game means death in reality. In the PlayStation Vita title ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’, players are put into the virtual shoes of series hero Kazuto Kirigaya or ‘Kirito’ as he prefers to be called...

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Snapodile1394d ago

Is it worth getting a PlayStation Vita for? If you're a fan of the series?

F-Inglese-941394d ago

If you're a BIG fan I'd say it is worth it. If you 'kind of' like the series I wouldn't say lay down $200+ bucks for it.

KBug931394d ago

Doesn't seem like a half bad game, I'd probably get it if I was more into the series

F-Inglese-941394d ago

Yeah this is really for the fans