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A Rant On The Shoujo Genre: Toxic Relationships & Modern Chauvenism.

Shoujo. The genre which speaks for all girls across the world. Or atleast Japan. Because I haven’t actually met a highschool girl - yet – who has been in love with the same kid for 5 years and whose sole purpose for everything is to hold doki-doki hands with him. Personally I think my eyeliner running out is a bigger tragedy than any boys words could ever be, but hey, maybe I just don’t understand the heart of an innocent maiden in love or whatever.

While I think Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun has succesfully taken the piss out of the shoujo genre already, I’d like to discuss the backwards thinking and unhealthy characters of this shallow genre some more.

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Canary1390d ago

I think we're all familiar with the cliches of bad shoujo manga.

But I think it's worth pointing out that we've had several shoujo manga in recent years that have handily avoided those cliches and wound up becoming some of the most poignant, emotionally resonant examples of the medium.

The fact that something as good as Kimi ni Todoke exists, for example, really reduces the shoddier works to complete obscurity and irrelevance.