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Why Fanservice Is More Of A Disservice

I think there is too much sexual content in mainstream anime.

That’s the summation of my argument. I could just leave you with that and walk away but that would be horribly arrogant of me, so I shall elaborate. What do I mean by sexual content? In this context, I am referring to the notion of characters [mostly female] being sexualised for the purpose of eliciting a reaction or positive sensation in a usually male viewer; the term used for this by most fans or publications is fanservice. I believe this term is far too general. Fanservice can also mean homages or references to other shows or even thanking the fans in some way by inserting a tidbit into the production [e.g. a line of dialogue or a hidden easter egg]. In essence, the term can be geeky but otherwise non-threatening. The inclusion of sexual content under the ‘umbrella of fanservice’ taints the word and makes it something tasteless.

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Canary1363d ago

Distinctions need to be made between fanservice, and pandering to otaku. The former is acceptable; the latter is not.