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"Gundam Build Fighters Try" English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed

The recently released 3-minute promotional video for “Gundam Build Fighters Try” is a brilliant one, showing off the solid animation style, characters and mobile suits. It is the second season of “Gundam Build Fighters”, the 25-episode anime television series directed by Kenji Nagasaki and written by Yousuke Kuroda. “Try”, however, is directed by Shinya Watada, yet writer Kuroda returned to work on the anime.

The storyline of the upcoming anime TV series takes place seven years after Sei Iori won the 7th Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament. With the growing popularity of Gunpla Battles, the game, and the competition, evolves into something much fiercer than ever before, with people figuring out new ways to improve their skill and walk away as the winner. Desperate to be a part of the All-Japan Gunpla Battle Championship tournament, Fumina Hoshino decides to team-up with Sekai Kamiki and Yuuma Kosaka to compete in the Championship.

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