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Claymore Manga’s “Grand Finale” Coming This October

Shuiesha have revealed that the “Grand Finale” of Norihiro Yagi’s Claymore Manga series will be coming this October as part of the November issue of their Jump Square magazine. The November issue is set to release on the 4th of October and could bring about the end of yet another great series.

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Thunder_God1328d ago

Might be time to pick it up. I quite liked the anime. And yes, I know the ending was changed.

Jivesh1328d ago

It was good regardless of the change IMO

DivineHand1251327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The part where the anime deviated from the manga is when Clare defeated Rigardo. The season should have ended there. Raki did not meet up with Clare in the north, instead he continued his adventure to find Clare with Priscilla and the king of the North while the North got swarmed by awaken beings. After that there was a time skip with a very interesting story that followed.
To finish Clare, Priscilla and Raki were not reunited in the manga. So if you are thinking of picking up the manga, feel free to re watch the entire series then pick up at the part where it deviated.

Thunder_God1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Oh, I know where and how it deviated, and I liked the original ending, it was just a preeemptive answer about "They changed the ending" were I to simply go, "Liked the anime, might need to pick up the manga now."

Which you then gave me anyway :P

DivineHand1251327d ago

I hope a animation studio does another adaptation of the series now that it is ending and give it the treatment hunter x hunter 2011 got.

Lord_Sloth1327d ago

I assumed it was close. There wasn't many ways to stretch this fight out much longer. It's been a good ride and I look forward to how it all ends. XXXD