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Nisekoi and The Nature of Harem RomComs

Guy likes Romantic Comedies in general, and harem RomComs in particular, so he takes Nisekoi and uses it in order to look at the genre, what makes it tick, and what often makes it fail for him. Observations are as someone who likes the genre, but can't like it all.

(Examples from Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai) used as well.)

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Thunder_God1356d ago

Here's the question that we answer each time we watch a RomCom, especially when it's based on a still-ongoing property - "Are we fine with watching RomCom "Nothingness" and enjoy it, without the "final payoff"?" And I answered, "Hell yes!", but Nisekoi did make me wonder about it some more, as I wasn't 100% satisfied with it during its run.