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This is what Disgaea 5 looks like on Playstation 4

Check out the first screenshots (and some artworks) of Disgaea 5 running on the Playstation 4.

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jdj19761358d ago

looks so preaty dam you now i need money to get a ps4

GenericNameHere1358d ago

Game already looks so polish. Why 2015?? ;___;

The main character is named Kiria
The girl with the pink hair and extremely short skirt that she should probably be naked as it's really extremely short is Seraphine
The girl riding on top of the fat yellow Prinny is Usaria

Canary1357d ago

It looks polished because it's the exact same engine as the PS3/PSV games. Apparently all the PS4 hardware is doing is letting them display more HD sprites on screen simultaneously.