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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Episode #09 Anime Review | Fandom Post

New entrants to the battle find it a difficult one.

What They Say:
Episode 9: “Lone Battle”

The Review:
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With this episode, which provides the central holding action for what is an extended three-episode battle, it becomes fairly clear what shape the entire contest is likely to take. In the first segment, it was necessary for Luvia and Rin to lose badly, which we are treated to a replay of in the pre-opening minutes. There were two reasons for this pre-ordained outcome: first, it needed to be established that Bazett is a very powerful opponent against whom normal powers and regular tactics will likely be ineffective. Even the jewel attack equivalent of a massive bomb caused no visible damage to her. Second, Luvia and Rin needed to be pushed off stage so that Illya and Kuro could get their chance to fight Bazett. As this was the middle segment, the holding action of the battle, we should also have been prepared for neither side to score an outright victory.

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