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Haikyu! Anime to End on September 21

This year's October issue of Newtype magazine, which ships on Tuesday, will announce that the final episode of the Haikyu!! anime will air on September 21 with the show's 25th episode.

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Etseix1386d ago

Sept 21!? End maybe my fav show of the season, on my birthday?!?
Heartless motherfuckers

YellowTempes1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Truly this is the best show of the season. I can't understand how SAO gets 2 not-needed and honestly lame stretches after everything is nice and done in the original story while this hilarious yet epic Haikyuu is stopped with quite a bit more to offer. Hopefully they will bring it back once the manga advances more.

Etseix1385d ago

Totally agree, but SAO was so well received that they had budget enough to make 2 sequels to decline the show's quality to the point of being garbage. Insitead, this show has 1/4 the fanbase of SAO 1, i just hope they make more someday :/

TXIDarkAvenger1385d ago

Iunno, Haikyuu is epic but SAO II is pretty good. Definitely better than the 2nd part of the original and it only gets better from here from what I heard.

EL Lanf1385d ago

I only picked up Haikyuu about 3 days ago and I already knew it was slated for a 25 episode slot a long time ago.

I was skeptical about picking the show up feeling it might be overrated like the profoundly mediocre Kuroko no basket especially since they're both by I.G. but I've been nothing but pleasantly surprised by Haikyuu.

Anyway, it's likely to get a second series at some point down the line. Compared to something like HxH ending, I'm not bothered by this ending, 1 or 2 cour is the norm, would be foolish to expect more from one series.