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Kotono Mitsuishi Panel at SMASH! 2014 [SnapThirty]

Luke Halliday writes:

The name Kotono Mitsuishi is one that at first may not ring a bell to everyone, but it is her distinct voice that has captured the hearts of a generation of anime fans across the globe. Having portrayed countless roles in classic anime series, Kotono Mitsuishi is a veteran voice actress in Japan, with credits including series such as Sailor Moon, Evangelion and even Gundam Seed.

At SMASH! 2014, Kotono Mitsuishi graced Australian anime fans with her presence, taking to the stage for a special panel hosted by MC Morris. Mitsuishi even wowed fans in the audience with her voice acting talent by performing a few live dubs. However the major bulk of her panel appearance was a question and answer session with MC Morris...

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