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Creepy ‘Terror In Resonance’ Anime Clip Arrives

More mood establishing than anything else, the latest clip from Terror of Resonance has arrived with a look at the eighth episode of the series. It’s almost a bit of a montage piece to set up the atmosphere of things but it features a positively haunting vocalization that really feels all the more intense with the visuals that are used with it. It’s still a bit unusual to get episode by episode clips, but we’re not complaining, especially since it’s smart marketing. When you realize that their YouTube channel has over a million followers, it makes sense to put the show in front of them even more in this form and drive them to the series portal. The series is one that has some anticipation to it as it comes from the noitaminA block and has a strong production side to it as it will be directed by Shinichiro Watanabe at studio Mappa with Kazuto Nakazaswa designing the characters while Yoko Kanno is doing the music for it.

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