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Matthew Mercer Reminds You To Buy The ‘Attack On Titan’ Anime DVD/BD Release

FUNimation has spent a part of this summer looking at new ways to engage with fans online and to make that more personal pitch and approach to getting them to support various releases, which is a good thing overall. The latest is the second personal approach touch by having voice actor Matthew Mercer, who plays Levi in Attack on Titan, to remind fans that there’s about two weeks left until the second set hits on September 23rd, 2014. This follows up the route used a couple of weeks back with series director Mike McFarland doing the same approach. For fans of the actor, it’s also a welcome, if brief, chance to see the person behind the voice rather than just the character and the voice. The release brings episodes fourteen through twenty-five to DVD/BD as well as a lot of extras, with two episodes getting commentaries, the show at Anime Expo, the clean opening and closings, an eyecatch gallery and more installments of the chibi theater.

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