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One Piece Ending Revealed to Child Suffering Lung Cancer

"Many people have thought about how popular Shonen Jump pirate manga One Piece could possibly end and until now the only man who know the answer to that has been the creator himself Eiichiro Oda. Now we can say that another person knows the ending to the shonen epic, that person is none other than young Hinati Fujinami, a life-long One Piece fan who is sadly suffering from terminal lung cancer."

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F-Inglese-941316d ago

What a lovely story, good on Oda

masterfox1315d ago

;_; Hope he gains strength like luffy and overcome his disease, it just have to keep fighting!

deep_fried_bum_cake1315d ago

Great to hear, I'd want to know how it ended in that situation as well. Though, if Japanese journalism is anything like it is in some other countries then I imagine some journalists will hound this kid to get the scoop on the ending. Maybe I'm just overly negative though.

mt1315d ago

for me if I knew how it ended then simply I'll lose interest to watch one piece, or i'll just stop watching it.

Canary1315d ago

It ends with Luffy defeating all of the bad guys and becoming the pirate king.


chadwarden1315d ago

hopefully Oda will quit milking one piece

Majin-vegeta1315d ago

Uhh what??If anything One Piece has gotten better as time goes on.

hkgamer1315d ago

i disagree but thats my opinion.

post timeskip hasnt been as epic as it was before.

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