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Tokyo Ghoul Ep 11 & 12: Decisiveness (End)

Written by Heartless:

Uh episode 11; exciting in one way and disappointing in so many other ways. Sadly the most important parts of this episode was Kaneki’s torture and CCG’s attack on Aogiri Tree’s hideout. Neither of these points were illustrated as well as they could have been. Jason’s (Yamori) torture of Kaneki was much more brutal in the manga than it was in the anime which really just leaves us with our imagination to fill in the blanks with Kaneki’s screaming playing in the back of our heads. You can already take a guess as to why; they shortened the torture and left out the imagery both for time constraints and censorship reasons. Understandable but still disappointing. The manga was actually much more detailed and not to mention less rushed than it’s adaptation but anime adaptations are more or less made to get viewers interested in the source material.

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