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Aldnoah.Zero episode 12 (Finale) – “Everybody, Do the Combination!”

Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. This write-up focuses on Saazbaum's ideas, on Inaho's war-time rationality, on action scenes, and a lot more.

Also, a lengthy post-episode/series write-up, and some thoughts on what is yet to come!

As always, the notes were taken while actually watching the episode, and rather than just repeating what you've already watched, elaborate upon it, assuming you've already watched the episode.

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Thunder_God1343d ago

Well, this was certainly an episode, alright. It had action sequences that finally made use of material covered /before/ the fights, it had extremely well-constructed emotional scenes that still had no emotions.

And as promised, it ended with "twists" and "cliffhangers", which I'm sure will mostly be undone next season in order to generate even more twists and cliffhangers.

This episode also had such a ridiculous transformation sequence I literally laughed out loud.

What did you think?

paradigmfellow1343d ago

I hated the last couple of scenes of the episode. It completely ruined the anime. I loved it until that point. This would have been acceptable if we did not have to wait three months for season 2.

Thunder_God1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Split-courses have no upsides, for me, as a watcher. I need to write something about that.

I just hope the dead remain dead, especially Inaho, but I don't see it happening.

Also, considering everything in the show supposedly built up to those two last scenes, what does it mean, to like the show but not them? Hm.

paradigmfellow1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I would have been fine with the episode and hiatus, if half of the event happened (I am being ambiguous for the sake of not spoiling it).

DivineHand1251343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

This series is highly overrated in my opinion. Inaho was not a good main character mainly because his personality and combat experience does not make any sense. He is empty and emotionless with no insight as to how he ended up that way and how could a fifteen year old who has never seen battle or finish training perform better than the professionals while using an inferior unit?
I'm used to anime making the teenagers save the day while the adults take the back seat but they usually explain the circumstances that lead to that reality however that kind of explanation is missing from this anime.

Another problem was that mankind is supposed to be on the verge of extinction but there is no sense of that from the remaining earth population. It makes it looks like people who live on earth are all pacifist and would hold no grudge towards the Martian invaders.

Subby1343d ago

AZ was a missed opportunity IMO. If there was any way this series could've ended somewhat well, this was the best way to do it. Inaho and Princess need to stay dead.

Subby1343d ago

Also, where the hell did Count Cruhteo go? He was by far the most interesting character.

Thunder_God1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Saazbaum killed Cruhteo when he kidnapped Slaine, because Slaine uncovered the truth to him, or in order to save Slaine due to his duty (Saazbaum launched his attack before it was 100% revealed to Cruhteo what actually happened, and after Cruhteo decided to execute Slaine).