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Pony Canyon hops on the N.A. anime distribution bandwagon

It looks like Pony Canyon is galloping their way into the North American anime market, as they're planning to release anime to the area's masses. However, the groups only downside at the moment is their name, since PONYCAN USA sounds like they're a company that distributes canned pony meat. Despite the company's strange name, I'm still interested in seeing how their business models will play out.

Considering that Pony Canyon is involved with anime titles like Air, Kanon, Clannad, Attack on Titan, K-ON!, and Free!, there's a good chance that they'll bring over some great shows to North America. Aside from doing physical anime releases, PONYCAN plans to stream anime shows worldwide as well. At the moment, Denki-gai no Honyo-san and Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru are the only two shows that they've licensed, which are both heading to Crunchyroll during the Fall 2014 Anime Season.

As for their pricing plan, there's a slight chance that PONYCAN USA will copy Aniplex's model, since they mentioned that their Blu-ray and DVD releases are matching the Japanese edition's quality. Then again, it's not a good idea to count our ponies before they're born, so we'll have to wait and see how the company will present themselves later on. As we wait for more updates on the group's plans, you can take a look at their Website for the time being.

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